Welcome to Arkansas Juvenile Detention Association!


Greetings & Salutations!  As President of the Arkansas Juvenile Detention Association (AJDA), I  welcome you to the AJDA  website.  Feel free to look around, become familiar with the layout as well as the association itself.

The  Arkansas Juvenile Detention Association (AJDA) was Incorporated as a non-profit corporation on December 16, 1997.   The membership of AJDA consists of the 14 juvenile detention facilities in Arkansas.  This includes the administration, line staff/officers, etc.  employed within those facilities.

AJDA has an Executive Committee or Board:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.  These officers hold their seats on the committee for a two year term and are nominated and voted on by the members of AJDA.

As the juvenile justice world continues to change and its stakeholders equally continue to believe in those changes, we like so many other associations and organizations have made it our mission to ensure that we promote best practices and standards as well as provide professional development for those who serve daily those youth who enter the doors of our facilities.  Furthermore, we want to promote the positive rehabilitation, rejuvenation, reclamation, and reintegration of youth and families within society and their respective communities.


Marcus Hendricks, President